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Importance of Career Transition Services

The majority of companies develop career transition strategies for existing employees. Nearly as much thought is provided to how to successfully transition an employee out of one organization as is provided on how to successfully onboard an employee. Establishing and implementing effective career transition strategies reaps a lot of advantages for the organization and the affected employees. Employing career transition services supports a long-lasting business strategy focused on the management of talents. Terminating a current employment arrangement ought to be a respectful and successful transition for both parties. That ensures lasting intangible employment contact with former employees.

  • Business partners: Former employees might be future business partners and revenue generators for the firm.
  • Referral Program: Tapping into the alumni of the firm for future leadership talent broadens the applicant pool and enhances the chances of choosing the right person.
  • Culture: Current employees are going to continue to grow and execute business decisions that are in the best interest of the firm. Other employees are going to remain engaged as well as motivated.
  • External Value of market Promotion: Market place and company brand integrity protected and decreases in market share, stock price, and revenue are minimized as effective career transition services.  

The downside of not hiring the assistance of career transition services is that your firm may become a pariah to a potential candidate. Some firms continuously hire and terminate employees. Indeed, existing employees are normally waiting for the other ones employed to get dropped. Work first spreads in the marketplace no matter the short term and mismanagement of employees.

For that reason, high performing workers don’t seek or wish to work for the firm. By refusing to recognize the importance of employee career transition services to assist in maintaining the brand and goodwill, these companies get rid of an important part of the workforce as future hires – employees that might have hugely affected the bottom line.

The effective career transition services serve as a business partner and provide continuous communication and feedback and give exceptional service to both the company and the transitioning employees. Companies want the employees, the ones leaving, to carry the only feeling of goodwill. No matter the employment provisions, executives want to make sure that they will be treated with respect. By so doing, that is going to reinforce the following:

  • Firm branding and integrity of the marketplace
  • Successful transitioning into new roles
  • Goodwill and business partnerships with ex-employees in the future
  • Constant high-performance of current employees

In conclusion, one of the main reasons why a company should consider career transition services is to experience a sound business practice and a long-lasting as well as best-practice strategy.

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Taj Hermann